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Our Team

At CLNAA we take pride in our commitment to exceptional customer service and personal attention. We are here to solve your problems and as such we want you to know and understand with whom you are dealing. We always strive to respond to any and all inquiries before the close of business on a daily basis and we remain accessible 24/7 should ever the need arise.

Meet The Team

David H. Charlip, B.C.S. Florida Civil-law Notary
Founder & Co-Director

David H. Charlip is an attorney admitted to practice in the jurisdictions of Florida and New Jersey for over 30 years. He is a Florida Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer and a Florida Civil Law Notary. As the founder and CEO of CLNAA, and the creator of the concept of civil law notarial arbitration, Charlip brings a wealth of credibility, experience and education to the administration and supervision of CLNAA and the concept of civil law notarial arbitration.

Elizabeth Paredes

Elizabeth Paredes is the administrator of CLNAA and is responsible for intake of all new arbitration demands, selection of arbitrators and billing. Elizabeth is a service-oriented administrative professional that will do whatever it takes to make sure that your arbitrations are handled in the most efficient and effective manner. Please feel free to contact Elizabeth anytime you need assistance with any aspect of CLNAA’s services.

Eduardo Mora
Coordinator International Notorial Services

Eduardo Mora is CLNAA’s coordinator of international notary recruitment and liaison to our Civil Law Notary arbitrators through-out the world.

Ortavia Simon
Legal Support Services

Ortavia Simon provides all of our Civil Law Notaries with legal support services that include assistance with legal research, the preparation of memos and assistance with document review and analysis of documentary and testimonial evidence.