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How is my arbitrator selected?

CLNAA applied its internal procedures to make the selection of your arbitrator based upon the geographic location of the parties, languages involved, and the nature of the dispute.

How long does the selection process take?

Your Civil Law Notary Arbitrator will be selected within 5 days of the receipt of the Arbitration Demand and applicable fee.

What if I object to the discovery being sought by the arbitrator?

Any issues with what documents or information is being sought by the arbitrator must be raised with the arbitrator himself/herself. Should the arbitrator permit, certain discovery may be provided just for the arbitrator’s “eyes-only”. CLNAA provides the highest level of confidentiality of any method of dispute resolution.

Can I appeal the arbitrator's decision?

The CLNAA Arbitrator’s decision is subject, in the same fashion as any other arbitration decision, to the laws of the jurisdiction in which its enforcement is sought.

Where will the arbitration take place?

Unlike conventional adversarial arbitrations, CLNADR does not require a specific situs or local for its conduct. No hearings are required and any in person meetings are subject to the direction, control and desire of the CLNAA Arbitrator.