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Are you a Civil Law Notary? Learn how to join CLNAA

Arbitrator Application Instructions

Complete and Return an Application

If, after thoroughly reviewing these materials, you are interested in becoming a CLNAA arbitrator, you may proceed with Step One of the process

1. Complete the CLNAA Arbitrator Application.

2. Provide a jpeg headshot photo of yourself.

3. Attach a current copy of your CV.

4. Attach copies of your official paperwork confirming your appointment as a Civil Law Notary.

5. To the extent that you serve as an arbitrator for any other arbitral organizations,please also attach any paperwork from those organizations that you would supplyincident to your appointment as an arbitrator.

6. Return all items to:
By email:
[email protected]
By mail:
999 Brickell Ave Ste. 840
Miami,FL 33131

After completing the application process, you are ready to start the basic arbitrator
training program, which involves watching and attending an online webinar.